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Creating a culture of inclusion

Meet Dennis who is a technician at our Trinidad and Tobago operations in the Caribbean. He grew up in the small agricultural town of Rio Claro in Trinidad and Tobago. Dennis is a member of the Petroleum Culture Team who are focused on driving a positive culture for our Petroleum teams who are scattered across the world from the Gulf of Mexico, to Western Australia, to Mexico and more.

"I am an Automation and Instrumentation Technician at the TTPU, with ten years industrial experience at five companies, both on-shore and off-shore. This has allowed me to experience different cultures and ways of working throughout my working life. I have always endeavoured to understand all aspects of these organizations from multiple points of view, and this has enabled me to gain a comprehensive view of the entire picture.

Born of humble beginnings in the small town of Rio Claro, Trinidad and Tobago - I have always experienced an inclusive lifestyle. While growing up I can remember always being in the neighbour’s house, and them in ours. Race, color, creed, class or political affiliation did not matter. As time moved on however, I have seen these divisions grow, having a most negative effect on society and by extension on working cultures. One of my dreams has always been to be able to influence and frame the culture of an organization, with the values and knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years. I feel a deep passion for leading and setting the example for proper management processes, attitudes towards work and work performance.

The formation of this team proves that I am now part of an organization, that is committed to its people and getting the people aspect right. I am very excited to assess our position, and develop a culture plan that is inclusive, diverse and aligns with the company’s strategy. This plan should empower each and every one of my colleagues to generate value and performance every day at work. I envision a future with all of us contributing in our very unique ways, to a successful and sustainable BHP."