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Mastery is a career game changer for Cherak

Meet Cherak Elliott … Cher … a production operator with the newly established BHP Operations Services based at Daunia Mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. 

“When I heard about BHP hiring for permanent roles; I didn’t think twice … for me it was a perfect opportunity to have stability, access sick and holiday pay and also be a part of the diversity and inclusion vision that BHP is driving in the industry.”

While attending an Operations Services Engagement Centre; Cher heard all about the ‘Mastery Program’ and the opportunity for one on one training and development – BHP’s new approach to investing in the frontline. “I’m really looking forward to learning and being exposed to more at a mine site. It’s so reassuring to know that people are willing to invest in me to make me a better skilled operator.”

“On a mine site, when everyone is not on the same page, it can slow things down and have considerable impacts. So the fact that everyone, through Mastery will be on the same page is exciting.” 

Cher with partner Jimmy, is expecting her second child due later in the year. Now with the perks of a permanent role, Cher has one less thing to worry about. “With our first child we struggled to make ends meet on one income; to know that I have options to return to work flexibly is a weight off. Already my leader has been talking to me about staying in touch days so that I can keep up to date and see the crew while on parental leave.”

“Thirdly, my decision to go with Operations Services is the future opportunities available to work anywhere in the country. All my family live in Sydney’s Central Coast … the option to one day ask for a transfer to another site wanting the same skills and be closer to family will be amazing.”

Cher’s team have all been supportive as she progresses with her pregnancy reassigning her to new tasks and helping her increase her knowledge of the workings of BHP. 

“I’ve been reassigned work so that I’m not bouncing up and down too much truck driving … I’ve been hot seating, collating prestart information, walking our new operators through systems to access their payslip, standard operating procedures and I’m even involved in an internal health and safety video on driver safety.”

BHP Operations Services is hiring and offering permanent operator and maintainer roles across the country. Find out more at