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Light electric vehicles and our commitment to sustainable technology


Sustainable practices are important to BHP and for the first time, we’re trialling light electric vehicles at our Olympic Dam operation in South Australia. It’s one of the world’s largest copper and multi-mineral mines.

With more than 450 kilometres of underground roads and tunnels to navigate, we’re putting these zero emissions vehicles to the test in a big way.

We’re committed to reducing the number of people exposed to particulate matter, such as diesel, by 50 per cent and replacing fuel with lithium-ion batteries is just another step in that important journey.

Because we rely on vehicles like this for day-to-day operations, we expect the shift to battery powered, eco-friendly cars will have a significant impact once deployed on a wide scale across our other operations.

It’s about more than just shrinking our carbon footprint. We’re banking on emerging technologies, such as light electric vehicles, to be more efficient with lower maintenance costs.

By doing what’s good for the environment, we’re doing what’s right and what’s sustainable for our 800-strong team working underground at Olympic Dam.