BHP Billiton financial results

Correction of Dividend Currency Exchange Rate

BHP refers to the exchange announcement titled Notice of Dividend Currency Exchange Rates and the Appendix 3A.1 – Notification of Dividend each dated 28 February 2022. 

The Australian dollar currency conversion rate for BHP’s 2022 interim dividend was incorrectly stated as 0.720906. The correct conversion rate is 0.720960.

The following table sets out the currency exchange rates applicable for the interim dividend:

Dividend 150 US cents per ordinary share                   

Exchange rate                         

Dividend per ordinary share in local currency

Australian cents

0.720960 208.055925 
British pence  1.334750  112.380596 
New Zealand cents  0.671581  223.353549 
South African cents  14.97255  2,245.88250