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Our BHP Charter value of Sustainability articulates safety as a fundamental element.

The safety of our people and the communities in which we operate always comes first. Our working environments by their nature expose our employees and contractors to risk. This is why our objective is to identify those risks and implement controls. Our material safety risk assessments include potential community impacts and controls to mitigate these broader impacts.

Our Requirements for Safety (PDF 106 kb) standard defines a number of the most common safety risks and their minimum controls. Each operation assesses further controls that may be required to manage the specific risks at their operation to meet the objective of no fatalities.

We believe having the right controls in place to effectively manage our risks that have safety impacts will lead to improved safety outcomes.

We continue to provide opportunities for interaction to improve our safety performance. Routine engagement with employees and contractors includes health and safety committees; pre-start meetings; in-field leaders discussing job-specific safety risks; and safety toolbox talks; all of which visibly demonstrate our priority of working safely.

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