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About the continuation project


Work has commenced on an application to enable the continued operation of Mt Arthur Coal beyond 30 June 2026, which is when the planning approval expires.

New State Significant Development (SSD) and Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act approvals as well as a new mining lease are required for operations to continue beyond 30 June 2026.

Mt Arthur Coal has now commenced a comprehensive stakeholder engagement program to ensure there is opportunity for community members and other key stakeholders to have early input into the project.


Key elements

Key elements of the Mt Arthur Coal planning approval include:

  • Approval to continue operating through to 30 June 2045 – a total of 19 additional years
  • Continued employment of up to 2,600 people
  • Extension of open-cut operations and additional overburden emplacement
  • Minor extensions to the existing Mining Infrastructure Area (MIA) including upgrades to workshops, stockpiles, electricity distribution and other ancillary infrastructure (see map in Project footprint)
  • Construction and operation of a new Western MIA for ancillary infrastructure including facilities for workforce and administration (see map in Project footprint)
  • Ongoing progressive rehabilitation of landforms, consistent with the geofluvial design

This planning approval will extend the mine further to the west of the township and will not require changes to existing approved hours of operation or coal transportation including rail movements.


Project footprint


Project information

  • Benefits of continued operation

    The Mt Arthur Coal planning approval process marks the next step in the life of a significant open-cut coal operation that has played a crucial role in the Hunter Valley since the 1960s. The benefits of continued operation include:

    • Ongoing employment opportunities for a workforce who predominantly live and work in the region, as well as new jobs associated with project-related construction activities
    • Ongoing delivery of shared value for communities in the Hunter Valley and associated local investment
    • Generation of additional royalties to NSW
  • Progress so far


    To enable the continuation of Mt Arthur Coal’s operation beyond mid-2026, a State Significant Development proposal submission is required.

    As part of this proposal, we are preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which includes assessments of the continuation project’s potential social, economic and environmental impacts.

    You can read more about the State Significant Development process on the NSW Government website.

  • Community
    Community involvement and consultation is a crucial part of this approval. Mt Arthur Coal has commenced a comprehensive engagement program to ensure the community and our stakeholders are consulted and can provide feedback on the proposal.

    In the coming period, Mt Arthur Coal will meet with interested parties including those in close proximity to our operation as well as community members and business representatives. During this process, potential social impacts associated with the proposal will be identified and where possible addressed through mitigation measures.

    Public feedback received will be included in the EIS associated with the SSD application which is expected to be lodged with the NSW Government in the second half of 2022.

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