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  • 17 December 2018

    Australian Petroleum assets and joint ventures

    We operate offshore oil fields and gas processing facilities in Western Australia and Victoria and have interests in offshore oil and gas fields in Bass Strait and North West Shelf.

  • News Releases
    13 December 2018, 11:49 AM

    BHP Approves West Barracouta Project

    BHP today announced approval to develop the western dome of the Barracouta (West Barracouta) gas field in Bass Strait, Victoria Australia.

  • Community
    17 November 2018, 09:00 AM

    BHP receives Mental Health America Ima Hogg Award

    Mental Health America of Greater Houston recently honored BHP with the Ima Hogg Award for outstanding support of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Exchange Releases
    08 November 2018, 09:30 AM

    BHP successful in bids for blocks in the offshore Orphan Basin in Eastern Canada

    The Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board announced that BHP has been successful in its bids to acquire a 100% participating interest in, and operatorship of, two exploration licences for blocks 8 and 12 in the offshore Orphan Basin in Eastern Canada.

  • Exchange Releases
    01 November 2018, 12:02 AM

    BHP completes sale of Onshore US assets

    BHP has completed the sale of its interests in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville and Permian Onshore US oil and gas assets to BP America Production Company for a gross consideration of US$10.5 billion.

  • Exchange Releases|Case Study
    29 September 2018, 01:30 AM

    BHP completes sale of Fayetteville Onshore US assets

    BHP has completed the sale of its Fayetteville Onshore US gas assets to a wholly owned subsidiary of Merit Energy Company.

  • Annual Reports|Case Study
    18 September 2018, 08:35 AM

    Supporting mental health in our Petroleum business

    The Petroleum team had a challenging year in FY2018. In August 2017, BHP announced its intention to actively pursue options to exit our Onshore US (Unconventional Petroleum) assets. In the same week, Hurricane Harvey brought record-breaking rainfall that stalled in southeast Texas and caused widespread devastation to the community. Our mental health programs and initiatives supported our response and enabled our people to better navigate the significant challenges.

  • Community
    06 September 2018, 05:00 AM

    Trion Environmental Baseline Study

    An Environmental Baseline Study (EBS) is a part of BHP’s requirements for entering into any areas of operations. Discover more on our EBS for our Trion contract in Mexico.

  • Community
    30 July 2018, 10:30 AM

    Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) reporting – 2017/2018

    In accordance with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency requirements, BHP has completed reporting on the seven employing entities in Australia for 2017/2018. The public reports are available for information.

  • Exchange Releases
    27 July 2018, 08:30 AM

    Sale of Onshore US assets

    BHP today announced that it has entered into agreements for the sale of its entire interests in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Permian and Fayetteville Onshore US oil and gas assets for a combined base consideration of US$10.8 billion, payable in cash.

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