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We operate offshore oil fields and gas processing facilities in Western Australia and Victoria and have interests in offshore oil and gas fields in Bass Strait and North West Shelf.

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Bass Strait

We have produced oil and gas from Bass Strait (50 per cent interest) for close to 50 years. Our operations are located between 25 and 80 kilometres off the southeastern coast of Australia. The Gippsland Basin Joint Venture, operated by Esso Australia (a subsidiary of ExxonMobil), participated in the original discovery and development of hydrocarbons in the field. More recently, the Kipper gas field under the Kipper Unit Joint Venture (also operated by Esso Australia) has brought online additional gas and liquids production that are processed via the existing Gippsland Basin Joint Venture facilities.

We sell the majority of our Bass Strait crude oil and condensate production to local refineries in Australia. Gas is piped onshore to the joint venture’s Longford processing facility, from where we sell our share of production to domestic retailers and end users. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is dispatched via pipeline, road tanker or sea tanker. Ethane is dispatched via pipeline to a petrochemical plant in western Melbourne.

North West Shelf

We are a joint venture participant in the North West Shelf Project (12.5–16.67 per cent interest), located approximately 125 kilometres northwest of Dampier in Western Australia. The North West Shelf Project supplies gas to the Western Australian domestic market and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to buyers primarily in Japan, South Korea and China.

North West Shelf gas is piped from offshore fields to the onshore Karratha Gas Plant for processing. LPG, condensate and LNG are transported to market by ship, while domestic gas is transported by the Dampier-to-Bunbury and Pilbara Energy pipelines to buyers. We are also a joint venture partner in four nearby oil fields – Cossack, Wanaea, Lambert and Hermes. All North West Shelf gas and oil joint ventures are operated by Woodside.


We operate six oil fields in Pyrenees, which are located offshore around 23 kilometres northwest of Northwest Cape, Western Australia. We had an effective 62 per cent interest in the fields as at 30 June 2018 based on inception-to-date production from two permits in which we have interests of 71.43 per cent and 40 per cent, respectively. The development uses a floating, production, storage and off-take (FPSO) facility.


We are the operator of Macedon (71.43 per cent interest), an offshore gas field located around 75 kilometres west of Onslow, Western Australia and an onshore gas processing facility, located around 17 kilometres southwest of Onslow.

The operation consists of four subsea wells, with gas piped onshore to the processing plant. After processing, the gas is delivered into a pipeline and sold to the West Australian domestic market.


We are the operator of the Minerva Joint Venture (90 per cent interest), a gas field located 11 kilometres south-southwest of Port Campbell in western Victoria. The operation consists of two subsea wells, with gas piped onshore to a processing plant. After processing, the gas is delivered into a pipeline and sold domestically.

On 1 May 2018, BHP entered into an agreement for the sale of its interests in the onshore gas plant with subsidiaries of Cooper Energy and Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd. The agreement, which is conditional on completion of regulatory approvals and assignments, provides for the transfer of the plant and associated land after the cessation of current operations processing gas from the Minerva gas field. Following Minerva end-of-field life, the wells will be plugged and abandoned.

Maintenance on our Pyrenees Venture

Our 'Pyrenees Venture' - a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel has returned to the West Australian coast.

Key developments during FY2019

Ruby is an offshore shallow water oil and gas development in Trinidad and Tobago that would consist of five production wells tied back into existing operated processing facilities. BHP is the operator (68 per cent interest) and the project has an expected investment of US$283 million (which is BHP’s share). The project was approved by the BHP Board on 8 August 2019 with first production targeted in CY2021. The relevant operating agreement requires at least two parties and 65 per cent of the working interest to approve the investment.

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