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In our US based operations and corporate office we have many opportunities for you to join our business.

We look for students with a range of degrees that include (but not limited) to:

  • Technology: Data Science, Computer Science, Applied Statistics, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Management of Information Systems, Business Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, Data Science, Analytics, Geology, Geoscience
  • Engineering: Mechanical, Petroleum, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Environmental
  • Health Science: Safety, Health, Occupational Hygiene, Safety Engineering, Process Safety Engineering
  • Science: Geology, Geophysics, Geoscience, Earth Science, Petrophysics or related major (Bachelors completed prior to internship./Masters or PhD in progress at time of internship)
  • Supply: Supply Chain Management; Logistics Management
  • Marketing: Economics, Business, Finance, Supply Chain, Other

Interns you will be a full time student studying at an accredited US university and start in May working with us for a 12 week program.  You will need to be highly self-driven to seek out projects to showcase your capability.  Our most talented interns will get access to graduate opportunities before we go to the market.  Do well as an intern and you will go to the front of the line to receive a job offer. What a great way to start you career!

Graduates you will be joining a global cohort of like-minded graduates who will work on real business problems.  As a permanent employee you will start on our global Graduate Program where you will get unprecedented access to senior leaders to mentor and guide your course work.   One of the key objectives of our program is to ensure graduates build the skills and capabilities they need now to become BHP leaders in the future. To do that, we’ve aligned what they’ll learn on the graduate program with the broader leadership capabilities we teach our BHP leaders.  The graduate program is based on three key learning principles: it’s leader-led; embedded at work; and focused on business solutions. The program is global, meaning that no matter where graduates work at BHP, they’ll be developing the same skills and capabilities as their peers. There’s also a local context where graduates can apply what they’ve learned in their own work environments.

Trinidad & Tobago Interns Each year Trinidad & Tobago Petroleum hire between 6-12 Summer Interns which is designed to provide 2nd or 3rd year full-time undergraduate university students with work/project experience in an actual working environment. This program is hosted on an annual basis as part our commitment to local content with an emphasis on student development in the chosen fields of study.

You will start with BHP in June for a duration of 12 weeks, with challenging projects and tasks in a variety of disciplines.  You will work on two group projects:

  • Environmental/Safety group project within the business, and
  • Community project in the communities in which the company operates.

You will be involved in several presentations and other interactions with both internal and external parties.

2018 US application and recruitment process

Apply online. We will assess your application and be in touch with you regarding next steps.
On Campus Interviews 
You will get the chance to meet with multiple business leaders 
September-Early October
Decision time
We will assess all the information you have given us and determine the best opportunity for you.
Late October-Early November
Congratulations you will hear from us offering you a position as either an intern or graduate.
Early November (Intern)
September (Grad)
Medical and Background Checks 
We will conduct Medical and Background checks 30-45 days before your start date.  
30 days before start date 

What we look for

Our people are as diverse as our unique global workforce.

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Our programs

We have graduate and internship opportunities globally across our assets and operations.

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Frequently asked questions

Find out more about what to expect when you work for BHP, or apply for a role using our online application system.

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