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Appreciating inclusion and diversity from a fresh different perspective is something Alex Archila has been doing his entire life.

These days, he is BHP’s Asset President of Shale. But as a young boy growing up in Latin America, he hoped to follow a career in singing.

Although his singing ambitions may not have been realised, his career in natural resources has seen him work across the globe, from the jungles of Guatemala to the cobblestoned streets of London.

"The oil industry has given me some amazing opportunities and experiences, and working in nine countries has taught me to appreciate and embrace the power of inclusion and diversity,” Alex said.

“I have worked with many people and learned so much because of the incredibly diverse places, people and communities I have encountered during my 30-plus years in the industry.”

Inclusion and diversity directly improves our workplace by broadening the pool of talent we can draw from and allows us to build a more skilled workforce


As a member of the BHP Inclusion & Diversity Council, Alex has observed the positive impact that workplace inclusion and diversity has on safety, maintenance and productivity performance.

“My work at different operations has allowed me to witness how BHP’s culture can make a significant difference. From our relationships to First Nations in Saskatchewan to supporting The Pecos Rodeo in West Texas, BHP has a widespread impact in the communities in which we operate and even beyond our sector,” he said.

In 2004, Alex was awarded the Hispanic Engineer of the Year Award in the United States and served as a role model for low-income Hispanic children.

He toured schools and encouraged students to have lofty aspirations, using his own career trajectory for inspiration.

"We know from experience at BHP that the business case for inclusion and diversity is strong,” he said.

“Inclusion and diversity directly improves our workplace by broadening the pool of talent we can draw from and allows us to build a more skilled workforce.”

Alex said he had benefitted from diversity programs growing up in a large family of five children.

“My experiences opened my eyes to the bigger picture,” he said.

“I appreciate the power of diversity and the opportunities it can provide for people from all walks of life.”

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