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We all have an obligation to protect BHP’s property.

This includes equipment, inventory, technology, money, intellectual property, company information and data. We also need to make sure that we use our assets for the purpose for which they are intended.

We are always increasing our cybersecurity awareness, and we are vigilant to online threats including viruses, malware and suspicious emails.

We need to make sure we are accurate when collecting, collating, entering and presenting data.


Protecting our assets, data and property

Our Code guides us about how to protect BHP and its property.

Protecting our assets

We all have an obligation to protect the Company’s assets and use them for their intended purpose.

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We are committed to protecting personal and corporate security by increasing cybersecurity awareness and taking measures to protect our technology, systems and digital assets.

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Truthful reporting

We need to be truthful in all our reporting to make sure we maintain the trust of our stakeholders and our social licence to operate.

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Intellectual property

We need all of our employees to safeguard BHP’s intellectual property. We also expect employees to respect the intellectual rights of others.

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Version 2.1, last updated 16 August 2018

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