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In 2015, we launched our Climate Change: Portfolio Analysis report which described our approach to portfolio evaluation and scenario planning, including the implications of a transition to a lower emissions future for our portfolio. The report has been of considerable interest to stakeholders since it was launched. One area of particular interest was how we monitor ongoing external developments and factor them into strategic planning.

This new document, Views after Paris (PDF 3 MB) describes some of our observations from the past 12 months and their potential portfolio impacts. It also provides further details on some of our key climate change related assumptions and an update on recent actions we have taken related to climate change.

Views after Paris a further demonstration of our commitment to climate change-related disclosures. It describes:

  1. Our approach to strategic planning
    The processes and tools we use to inform decision-making.
  2. Our insights
    The latest signals we are seeing in the external environment which indicate how the world is tracking towards a lower emissions outcome.
  3. Portfolio implications
    The implications these signals could have for BHP Billiton.
  4. Our actions
  5. The actions we are taking to manage climate change risk.
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