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What is C-19 Tracer?

BHP has developed a voluntary contact tracing app called C-19 Tracer for our global operations.

It will add to our existing measures, such as social distancing, thermal screening and hygiene measures to protect the health of our workforce, their families and communities.

In the event that an employee or contractor tests positive to COVID-19 at a BHP location, we can rapidly notify people who have been in close contact with them and quickly identify areas which require sanitisation to reduce the risk of surface transmission.

The data could also be used to expedite existing contact tracing measures and complement similar measures already in place in countries such as Singapore and Australia.

Ahead of global deployment, extensive field trials are being conducted to validate the accuracy of data collected, determine the ideal technical configuration and confirm strict privacy measures.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app work?

The C-19 Tracer app will securely collect proximity and location information using each device’s location services and Bluetooth® functionality. It can be switched off at any time.

In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case, data from the C-19 Tracer app will be used for contact tracing and to identify locations of potential contamination.

Is the information collected secure?

We have put in place strict procedures and technologies to maintain the security of the information from the point of collection to the point of destruction. This includes:

  • encrypting the information;
  • deleting information after 21 days (unless required by law); and
  • strict access controls and procedures limiting access and use to information.

At no point will information be used for any purpose other than contact tracing and to implement COVID-19 cleaning procedures at BHP sites.

What is the difference between our app and the Australian Government COVIDSafe app?


  • We strongly support the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app and it complements the work we are doing.

  • The key differences between our app and the COVIDSafe app are:
  • C-19 Tracer is a global application designed by and for BHP’s operations around the world.

C-19 Tracer provides a higher level of granularity to quickly identify and localise responses in our operations, so we can section off specific areas rather than shut down an entire operation to manually find and contain any exposures to COVID-19

Questions and support

Employees are encouraged to refer to BHP’s internal Digital Workspace for further information