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Improving outcomes for the world’s coral reefs

The wellbeing and livelihoods of almost one billion people are reliant on healthy reefs, yet an estimated 75 per cent of all coral reefs are under threat from the combination of local stresses and climate change. The Resilient Reefs initiative is bringing together local communities, reef managers and resilience experts to develop new solutions for combatting the effects of climate change. This bold, new approach, supported by the BHP Foundation, goes to the heart of protecting the world’s coral reefs by empowering people to sustainably manage the natural environment.  Over four years, Resilient Reefs is piloting this work with five World Heritage-listed coral reef sites: Great Barrier Reef, Australia; Ningaloo Coast, Australia; Lagoons of New Caledonia; Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System; and Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, Palau. As these sites collaborate with global experts to identify innovative solutions to their local challenges, Resilient Reefs will share and scale these lessons to reef communities around the world.