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Minerals Australia mental wellness

The Minerals Australia mental wellness project was implemented to improve the mental wellness of employees across the region. It recognises that mental illness is a real and relevant issue, and provides a standard for improving awareness, reducing stigma, encouraging a proactive management approach to mental wellbeing and improving workplace culture.

The project began in Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO). With backing from leadership and support across the workforce, WAIO formed a Mental Wellness Steering Committee to develop a mental wellness standard and strategy, tailored to support the specific needs of their people. The implementation of the Mental Wellness Strategy has driven numerous improvements, including most leaders completing a mental health eLearning program, a steady increase in employees seeking assistance and support from the Employee Assistance Program, and people feeling more comfortable to raise mental health issues with team members and leaders.

In August 2016, Minerals Australia endorsed ‘Mental Wellness Our Approach’, a revised and simplified version of the WAIO Mental Wellness Standard, for use across the region. Minerals Australia will also form asset-based Mental Wellness Steering Committees in FY2018.