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BHP Billiton announced today that Nelson Silva will assume the role of Marketing Director Carbon Steel Materials. Mr Silva will also take a lead role on the team with responsibility for the proposed acquisition of Rio Tinto. Mr Silva was previously President of the Aluminium Customer Sector Group.

Jon Dudas will replace Mr Silva as President of Aluminium. Mr Dudas has more than 24 years experience in the mining industry. He joined the BHP Billiton Group in 1991 and has held a variety of positions in operations, corporate and marketing. He is currently Chief Information Officer.

In announcing the change, CEO Marius Kloppers noted that Mr Silva was well placed to support the work of the Rio Tinto acquisition team having spent more than 30 years in the manufacturing and mining industries, including 17 years with CVRD (now Vale). He also noted Mr Silva’s deep experience in the iron ore industry and the key role he will play in directly supporting Chief Commercial Officer, Alberto Calderon in the Rio Tinto acquisition team.

The appointments will be effective on 21 April 2008.

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