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BHP Steel President and CEO Kirby Adams has been elected to the Executive Committee of the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI).

The election took place at the Institute's annual meeting of members and directors, held earlier this month in Paris.  Kirby joins executives from 11 of the world's largest steel companies including Arcelor, Corus Group plc, NKK Corporation, Pohang Iron and Steel Company Ltd (POSCO), US Steel, and Nucor Corporation.

The IISI is closely involved in moves to reduce world steel over-production and improve the financial performance of the industry.  Kirby's election will provide BHP Steel with a stronger voice internationally and a key role in encouraging consolidation of the industry and a reduction in global steel-making capacity.

The IISI has urged governments to stop providing assistance to both new and existing steel-making plants, support open and fair trade in steel, and ensure government policies encourage competition and allow consolidation of the industry.

The IISI also voted to approve new objectives for the Institute following a strategic review of its future role.  The IISI will focus its efforts in five areas: providing a forum for steel business issues; sustainability; communications; market development; and benchmarking best practice.

Members of the IISI come from 50 countries and represent over 70% of total world steel production.

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