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BHP Billiton's Hot Briqueted Iron plant at Port Hedland, Western Australia, has changed its name to Boodarie Iron - aligning the Project's identity with its product brand name, Boodarie Iron.

Announcing the name change, Western Australian President for BHP Iron Ore and Boodarie Iron, Graeme Hunt said the identity change is in step with recent branding changes for BHP Billiton following the merger.

"Boodarie Iron, and its new logo, more closely identify with its unique hot briquetted iron product and the local Pilbara community where it is based," Mr Hunt said.

"After several years of commissioning and processing difficulties, we are now at a point in the Plant's history where Boodarie Iron is a regular supplier of high quality hot briquetted iron. The new Boodarie Iron identity represents an important step forward in the development of WA's first secondary iron ore processing facility."

"This means that employees and the community who have worked hard to prove the process can identify with a new name and logo that represents the future, not the past."

"Obviously, the challenge still remains for Boodarie Iron to meet the economic and commercial targets set by the BHP Billiton Board, but that too is in the future, not the past," he said.

Boodarie Iron takes its name from the Boodarie pastoral station where the plant is located. Boodarie, or Budari, is the clan name of Aborigines present in the area before white settlement in the late 1800s. The colours and shape of the logo are also designed to identify with the local Port Hedland landscape.

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