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The procurement future for BHP 

BHP‘s goal is to have industry-leading, digital capabilities that drive collaboration with our valued suppliers.  

SAP Ariba provides a simple, transparent and fast way to manage purchase orders, send invoices and to receive payment. This will streamline how we do business in the future.  

BHP will expect all new suppliers to use the Ariba platform commencing in 2021. As a requirement of doing business with us all suppliers engaging with BHP will be onboarded to the Ariba Network, as part of their registration.  


What documents can we send and receive via the Ariba Network?

  • Receive Purchase Orders /confirm purchase orders/request purchase order change
  • Submit SES (Service Entry Sheet) claims
  • Submit Advance Ship Notice/receive Goods Receipt Notification
  • Submit invoices1
  • Submit credit note2
  • Receive Payment proposal and remittance advice
  • Receive Request for Quote (RFQ) / Respond to RFQs

1 Some countries will not have all functionality available on SAP Ariba based on regional requirements and restrictions; an example being suppliers in certain countries may not be able to send invoices back to BHP through SAP Ariba.  

2 Limited to goods and services invoiced in Ariba

Which account Ariba Enterprise v. Ariba Standard?

BHP requires suppliers to use the Standard account as a minimum requirement. This account relies on transacting from emails whereas the Enterprise account has an Inbox/Outbox and all transactions can be completed within the Ariba Network.

Larger volume suppliers should consider the added functionality of an Enterprise account that is available for a maximum capped fee per annum.

Standard Account Enterprise accounts
Low volume transactions using email to access the Ariba account Receive and manage high volume orders and invoices in online dashboards using standard online service with functionality for sub=contracting, repairs and service exchange etc. 
View last 200 documents per type Unlimited documents per type
All invoices including supplier created ERS will be sent to Ariba with status and payment details All invoices including supplier created ERS will be sent to Ariba with status and payment details
Get Ariba support via online help only Get support via phone, chat, or email
No fees or charges

SAP Ariba fees are based on transaction volume.

Refer to the SAP Ariba Online Fee calculator

Need help creating or selecting the correct SAP Ariba account?

SAP Ariba teams are available to advise you on the possible costs related to using an Enterprise account if you are considering upgrading from the Standard account.

The SAP Ariba enablement team can also assist if you find multiple accounts in your company name or are unable to access an existing account in Ariba. 

Contact SAP Ariba using the most suitable link for your company location:  Australian BHP Supplier or USA BHP Supplier or LATAM BHP Supplier  and they will respond as soon as possible. 

What if we don’t want to transition to the SAP Ariba Network?

BHP is committed to the success of this initiative and is working hard to make the transition as seamless for suppliers as possible. Suppliers will be asked to support this new way of working with BHP.

Email the SAP Ariba Project Team if you want to change the type of account you have been allocated by BHP.

When will the transition to SAP Ariba happen?

Onboarding of our suppliers is underway and will continue until completed. A supplier’s individual transition date is dependent on completing the steps shown below. 


Need User Guides for Ariba?  

BHP have prepared an Ariba External FAQ/BHP Preguntas frecuentes de Ariba externo Nov 2020 document to explain how the Ariba Network will operate and should answer many of your questions  

Enterprise Users will find detailed information at the BHP Ariba Supplier Education Portal  SEMP / BHP Portal De Información De Proveedores   

Standard Users should check out the SAP Ariba Standard Account Portal plus BHP have prepared the following guides:

Request for Quote is a fast and easy way for BHP to confirm pricing on standard items.  Learn how to respond to a request:

Need training for Ariba?

BHP have organized training based on the SAP Ariba accounts of Enterprise or Standard.  The Standard training has been updated for 2021 and includes more video examples of how to create a new account and transact. We urge every supplier to ensure their employees who process documents (e.g. order confirmation creation, service sheet creation, invoice creation, etc.) attend training.  

There are no costs associated with these sessions and every person who registers for training will be provided with the recording of the session. Nominate a maximum of 10 attendees per session in a suitable time zones for Australia, USA, or Chile (Spanish language) by clicking here

Need training urgently? Then access the all new on-demand Ariba video training session that covers completing an account, confirming a purchase order and invoicing. 

Questions or concerns?

Email the BHP SAP Ariba Project Team for all other questions.

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