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Prioritising inclusion and diversity in our operations

Our Pampa Norte asset in Chile is preparing for the Spence Growth Option, a project that will introduce innovative concentrator technologies.

The team set themselves a goal of gender balance and 10 per cent representation from the local communities, across all levels.

It is a challenging goal. Very few in the local employment market have the skills and experience to operate the technology that will be installed. So the Pampa Norte team is supplementing on-market recruitment with a targeted training and development program, which includes apprenticeships for operators and maintainers, and a diploma program for supervisory and management skills.

The team is also addressing the workplace culture and environment to ensure it is attractive and supportive. They are changing processes and behaviours that could be perceived to be biased, and building trust. The team drew on advice and resources from industry, the education sector, government and suppliers to identify potential issues and build solutions.

Pampa Norte now has a detailed and thorough implementation plan for significantly improving gender and Indigenous diversity. In the process, the team has built a deep understanding of the internal and external challenges to inclusion and diversity.