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BHP Potash Export Facility at Grays Harbor

Please note that the BHP Public Hearing originally scheduled for 19 December 2018 has been postponed to early 2019.

Press release: BHP hearing postponed


City of Hoquiam Joint Notice of Application for Shorelines and Land Use and Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (PDF 464 KB)
City of Hoquiam Notice of Application to The Vidette (PDF 73 KB)

Download project materials

Project information sheet (PDF 803 kb)
Display Boards (PDF 1.2 MB)
Clarifications to September 14th Open House in Hoquiam (PDF 39.3 KB)

3D Shading Memo (PDF 832 kb)
Alternatives Analysis (PDF 15.9 MB)
Archaeological Memo - Mitigation Areas (PDF 6 MB)
Baseline Habitat Assessment (PDF 8 MB)
Biological Evaluation (PDF 7.7 MB)
Conceptual Mitigation Plan (PDF 22.3 MB)
Consultation Summary Report (PDF 982 kb)
Critical Areas Report (PDF 24.2 MB)
Cultural Resources Report (PDF 3.1 MB)
Eelgrass Memo (PDF 3 MB)
Final Air Emissions Study (PDF 3 MB)
Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation and Quarterly Monitoring Summary Report (PDF 22.1 MB)
Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation, Soil Investigation, Groundwater Sampling: IDD #1 (PDF 17.7 MB)
Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (PDF 3.8 MB)
Land Use Permit Application (PDF 3.4 MB)
Maintenance Dredging Memo (PDF 3.2 MB)
Master Information Tables (PDF 534 kb)
Noise Assessment (PDF 1.3 MB)
ORCAA Air Permit Application (PDF 4.9 MB)
Phase 1 ESA (34.5 MB)
Phase II ESA (PDF 15.3 MB)
Section 408 Memo (PDF 6.6 MB)
Sediment Characterization Report (PDF 22.4 MB)
SEPA Addendum (PDF 9MB)
SEPA Checklist (PDF 9.3 MB)
Shoreline and Critical Areas Assessment Baseline (PDF 6.7 MB)
Shoreline Master Compliance Program (PDF 7.4 MB)
Shoreline Permit Application (PDF 67 kb)
Site Flooding Assessment (PDF 7.3 MB)
Site Investigation and Second Quarter Groundwater Monitoring Report June 2018 (PDF 39.1 MB)
Supplemental Shoreline Compliance Information (PDF 121 kb)
Traffic Impact Analysis (PDF 6 MB)
Visual Analysis (PDF 10 MB)
Wetland Delineation (IDD) (PDF 63 MB)
Wetland Delineation (PDF 14 MB)

Potash export facility

Learn about our proposed export facility, the scope of studies and regulatory process.

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How to ask questions, provide feedback, or contact us.

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