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Gary Silcock has been a resident of Port Hedland for the past 20 years and believes community will be the next boom for the northwest town.

Gazza, as he’s affectionately known to family and friends said the last boom was construction, and now is the time to invest in people and making town a vibrant and inclusive place people will want to make home.

“There’s so much new infrastructure on the cards in town, we’ve got the new sports centre on the way, a BMX track for the kids, developments at the Marina and our parks, and a new amphitheatre,” Gazza said.

“There’s a lot of reasons to make Port Hedland home, and even more opportunities to improve our already great town.

“This is why I was excited to get involved with BHP’s Stakeholder Engagement Group.”

BHP’s Stakeholder Engagement Groups (SEG) in Port Hedland and Newman help the Company better understand the people it works alongside and ensures it continuously improves how it works with stakeholders.

“At the last SEG meeting I went to, BHP shared some brilliant ideas on how they are managing housing issues in the Pilbara – focusing on helping people with home ownership and upgrades, something I felt BHP hasn’t previously put enough effort into,” Gazza said.

“As a SEG member, I’m hoping I can enlighten people at BHP on more of the community issues in Port Hedland.

“They are the ‘Big Australian’ but I want them to become the ‘Big People’ company, and to think big about our towns and communities.

“I don’t believe it’s always about money, I think there’s more value in trying to communicate with our people, and making us feel part of their family.

“For example, small efforts like taking family members on tours of sites and infrastructure so they can see their mums, dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters working on site and get a real appreciation of what they do.

“There’s a lot of amazing things happening in the northwest, and I think more can be done to show people what’s going on in their own backyard.”

For more information, click here (PDF 4.03MB)

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