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In FY2015, our new approach to leadership development was piloted in our Coal business.

Introduced to enable a shift in our culture, Leading Step Up targeted frontline people leaders, teaching the key leadership capabilities of engage, lead change and develop through practical everyday routines.

Leading Step Up is built on the idea that a few simple things done consistently well across daily routines can drive cultural change. In our Coal Business, the simplicity and familiarity of the approach has resonated with leaders and participants, gaining traction and impact. The program has put structure and a common language around the common routines and practices that are already in place across workplaces in the Business, with participants recognising the routines and applying the tools and leadership lessons quickly.

Through the leader-led approach of Leading Step Up, frontline leaders in Coal are also learning new skills for working with their teams and gaining unique insights into the issues that are important to their people. By facilitating the program, leaders have been challenged to reflect on their own leadership styles and become better developers of their people. Participants also responded positively to the genuine commitment shown by their people leaders in authentically delivering the program.

Leading Step Up is anchored in a belief that leadership is about application, not theory. By teaching through practical daily routines and providing simple tools to practice and observe leadership at work, the program has enabled our Coal Business to develop its frontline leadership capabilities and is giving its people a practical way to get better every day.


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