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Our IndoMet Coal Project (IMC) is located in Central and East Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) within a region globally recognised for its biodiversity and cultural values. Part of the region is covered by the Heart of Borneo Initiative which is a tri-lateral agreement between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei aimed at a cooperative approach to balancing the protection of natural capital and sustainable development of this region.

Recognising the importance of this area, since 1999 we have undertaken extensive environmental and social assessments. We have been engaging and partnering with leading conservation and community non-government organisations (NGOs) in the development and implementation of our biodiversity strategy.

The IMC biodiversity strategy (to avoid or, where this is not possible, minimise impacts, while enhancing regional biodiversity conservation outcomes in Kalimantan) is founded on our understanding of the environmental values of the area. Utilising an environment and biodiversity in project design process, opportunities to avoid impacts to high biodiversity value areas are being implemented. This has included actions such as using helicopters extensively during exploration so as to minimise the drilling footprint and designing infrastructure corridors to avoid areas of high biodiversity value.

A focus on infrastructure corridors is particularly important as they can fragment the landscape. Existing transport corridors are utilised where possible, and where the building of new roads is unavoidable, measures such as arboreal rope bridges and underpasses to provide habitat connectivity for wildlife are installed. The IMC team have also enhanced employee awareness of the biodiversity values of the area, further minimising risks of potential impacts, including indirect impacts. Through a fauna and flora observation system using a citizen science approach, employees and contractors record wildlife observations. Employees from the local Dayak community have played an important role in contributing their traditional knowledge of plants and animals to this system. This approach builds awareness among the IMC team of the biodiversity values of the area and assists them in reducing impacts even further.

Since 2009, we have supported community-based conservation and sustainable development projects, bringing benefits to the region where IMC is located. Through a partnership with Fauna & Flora International (FFI), a High Conservation Value Assessment of over 2 million hectares in the Murung Raya District was conducted to strengthen land use planning capacity within local government and identify conservation priorities and sustainable development options for the region. Complementing this work, a five-year Community Forest Conservation Project was initiated with FFI and a community close to the district capital of Puruk Cahu.

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