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Our Businesses are required to identify, evaluate and implement suitable projects that prevent or minimise GHG emissions.

We explore options to provide greater focus and delivery on energy efficiency improvements and reductions in fugitive emissions. In FY2015, we implemented projects that delivered annualised GHG emissions reductions of 676,000 tonnes of CO2-e.

Western Australia Iron Ore’s (WAIO) new Yarnima Power Station, located in the Pilbara region, is using the latest technology to improve greenhouse gas efficiency and promote long-term energy sustainability while also meeting future power demand.

BHP Billiton owns and operates the combined cycle gas turbine power station located in Newman. Reaching full capacity in April 2015, the facility delivers up to 190 megawatts of power to replace supply from the existing Newman Power Station. Yarnima provides electricity to WAIO’s mining and related operations and supplies electricity to the local township of Newman.

Yarnima features gas turbines equipped with heat recovery steam generators to capture waste heat and convert this into steam for the generation of additional power. This minimises gas usage, while increasing thermal efficiency and reducing emissions. Compared to open cycle gas turbines, Yarnima provides a significant reduction in natural gas consumption, and is expected to save more than 3,000 TJs of natural gas every year. More efficient use of natural gas is forecast to ultimately result in a reduction in GHG emissions of between 150,000 to 200,000 tonnes of CO2-e per year (depending on energy demand and other inputs), which is equivalent to removing 40,000 cars from the road.

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