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Our Escondida Copper Asset was the first private company in Chile to support the Creo Antofagasta Plan, an initiative that seeks to enhance quality of life in the city and bring together the regional government, the city’s municipal government and the private sector, with support from the OECD.

An Urban Master Plan was developed by the Creo Antofagasta initiative in 2014, with the collaboration of representatives of the public and private sectors. The plan is now going through a community consultation process, including more than 200 different initiatives for implementation through a schedule of public and private strategic investment. In total, the initiatives would represent an investment of US$1.2 billion over the next 20 years.

To complement the Urban Master Plan, a local Energy Strategy is under development, and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has announced plans for a public transport system for the city of Antofagasta. During 2014, the Creo Antofagasta Plan held a second round of bids for funding of social innovation projects and started community work and design of public spaces in the areas intervened under the Antofagasta Clean and Connected initiative.

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