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Building climate change resilience is important for the future of the biodiversity and ecosystems on which our society depends.

In May 2015, BHP Billiton and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation announced a new A$7 million partnership to support critical marine research and rehabilitation works at remote Raine Island. Located off the Cape York Peninsula, Australia, and of traditional significance to the Wuthathi (mainland Aboriginal people), the Erubam Le, Meriam Le and Ugarem Le (Torres Strait Islander people), Raine Island is the world’s largest green turtle rookery and home to a major Coral Sea seabird nesting population.

This investment will also enable the development of an overarching Reef Resilience Framework to direct critical research that bolsters the reef’s ability to adapt to all the threats it faces, including climate change risks. The Framework will be developed by a multi-disciplinary international team of experts.

This initiative will provide a demonstration and general methodology of how we can enhance the climate change resilience of reef systems globally.

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