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Convocatoria abierta – Programa Chile/ Open Call Chile Program BHP Foundation

Buscamos soluciones innovadoras para los desafíos de sustentabilidad en Chile. Invitamos a organizaciones sin fines de lucro nacionales e internacionales a presentar propuestas alineadas con la Guía de participación adjunta.

Guía de participación

Formulario de propuesta

The BHP Foundation´s Chile Country Program is looking for new solutions for sustainable and social challenges in Chile. We invite not-for-profit international and national organizations to submit proposals adhering to the attached Submission Guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Proposal form - Open Call


The Chile Country Program is focused on:

  • Harnessing the potential of young people through education
  • Enhancing the capability of organisations and groups to participate in decision making
  • Enhancing the resilience of communities to respond to environmental change

All of these challenges are complex and cannot be solved by a single organisation. The Foundation works in a spirit of genuine partnership with like-minded civil society organisations and international institutions to align aspirations behind a common goal and make the best use of collective expertise.

In selecting projects for investment, the BHP Foundation follows a research-driven and consultative process that draws upon the expertise of individuals and organisations to identify specific issues to be addressed.

The Foundation is committed to robust governance and aims to set an example in purposeful transparency by reporting openly on progress in each of its projects.

Read more about the Foundation and its global programs here (PDF 36 kb).

Our projects

Solar energy powering resilient communities in Chile (PDF 224 kb)

Natural Resource Governance

Raising standards of governance and transparency is essential to ensuring that the wealth created by the global resources sector helps improve living standards of millions of people around the world.

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Environmental Resilience

Resilient environments sustain peoples’ cultures, livelihoods and food security, retain biodiversity, maintain water resources, combat climate change and underpin thriving societies around the world.

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Education Equity

Quality education is the pathway through which people build the skills and knowledge to seize the opportunities to improve their lives and enhance communities and societies.

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BHP Foundation Board

The Foundation has a dedicated Board of Directors and operates consistently with the BHP Charter values and the BHP Code. The Foundation is committed to robust governance and aims to set an example in purposeful transparency by reporting openly on progress in each of its projects.

Meet the Board

Our partners

More information on our partners, what projects we are working on together and more information on the projects.

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Your ideas

We are interested in learning about initiatives which are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and relevant to our Global Signature Program and Country Program Strategies. Please contact us with your ideas.

Contact us
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