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The BHP Billiton Foundation has a dedicated Board of Directors and operates consistently with the BHP Charter values and the BHP Code. The Foundation is committed to robust governance and aims to set an example in purposeful transparency by reporting openly on progress in each of its projects.

Karen Wood
Karen Wood Chairman

Karen was appointed a director of the BHP Billiton Foundation in 2014 and as Chairman in October 2015. She is a former executive of BHP Billiton having joined in 2001 as Group Company Secretary. During her time with BHP Billiton she held a number of senior executive roles including as Chief People Officer with global oversight of the Human Resources function, and as President of Corporate Affairs. She was a member of the senior executive team from 2006 until her retirement in August 2014.

Tony Cudmore
Tony Cudmore Director

Tony Cudmore was appointed as a Director of the BHP Billiton Foundation in October 2015 and as Vice President in June 2016. He is also Group Sustainability & Public Policy Officer for BHP Billiton. Tony joined BHP Billiton in March 2014 and was Chief Public Affairs Officer before being appointed to his current role in April 2016. Prior to BHP Billiton, Tony worked with ExxonMobil for 13 years and held a wide range of senior and global Corporate Affairs roles in Australia and the United States. Before joining ExxonMobil, Tony was a Media Relations and Policy Adviser before becoming Principal Adviser to then Premier of Victoria, The Hon Jeff Kennett MP, followed by his role as Assistant Director of the Australian Institute of Petroleum.

Athalie Williams
Athalie Williams Director

Athalie Williams was appointed as a Director of the BHP Billiton Foundation in September 2015. Athalie joined BHP Billiton in 2007 and was appointed to the Executive Leadership Team as President, Human Resources in January 2015. Athalie's title changed to Chief People Officer effective 1 July 2015. She has previously held senior Human Resources positions including Vice President Human Resources Marketing, Vice President Human Resources for the Uranium business and Group HR Manager, Executive Resourcing & Development. Prior to BHP Billiton, Athalie was an organisation strategy and workforce transformation advisor with Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and National Australia Bank.

Pat Risner
Pat Risner Director

Pat Risner was appointed as a Director of the BHP Billiton Foundation in April 2016. He is also Group Health, Safety & Environment Officer for BHP Billiton. Pat joined BHP Billiton in 1992 and was appointed to his current role in December 2015. Previously Pat was the Asset President for New Mexico Coal from late-2012 and prior to that he held a variety of technical, planning, environmental and operational roles across BHP Billiton's coal operations in the US and Australia.

Steve Pastor
Steve Pastor Director

Steve Pastor was appointed as a Director of the BHP Billiton Foundation in April 2017. Steve joined BHP Billiton in 2001 and was appointed President Petroleum Operations in February 2016. He is responsible for the Company’s global oil and gas operations and exploration program. Over his career with the Company, Steve has served as Asset President Conventional and he has held leadership roles in deepwater and shale operations. Prior to joining BHP Billiton, Steve’s experience includes 11 years with Chevron.

James Ensor
James Ensor Executive Officer and President

James Ensor was appointed Executive Officer and President of the BHP Billiton Foundation in July 2016. James joined BHP Billiton in 2014 as Group Senior Manager Social Policy contributing to BHP Billiton policy and practice in relation to issues including human rights, Indigenous peoples, anti-corruption and transparency. Prior to joining BHP Billiton, James was Policy & Program Director of international development agency Oxfam between 2001 and 2012, and in this role was a member of BHP Billiton’s Forum on Corporate Responsibility. Prior to joining Oxfam, James represented the interests of the Aboriginal traditional owners of Australia’s Northern Territory in relation to land claims, community and enterprise development and exploration and mining activity on their lands.

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