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Leading inclusion and diversity

Our position

With a workforce of over 65,000 people working across 91 locations, BHP strives to create an environment where our talented teams can have a sense of purpose and achieve their full potential. A harmonious workplace is more productive; we recognise that diversity of people and cultures, high motivation levels and feeling recognised for effort and contribution are all factors for success.

Inclusion and diversity

We recognise that inclusive and diverse work environments deliver better safety outcomes, improved financial performance, higher productivity, increased innovation, better decision-making, a stronger talent pipeline and better relationships with our host communities.

We are committed to engaging, enabling and supporting our line leaders in creating a work environment of greater inclusion where our employees can reach their full potential. We are building a diverse workforce, appreciating all the different aspects of individual uniqueness, including thought and perspective, experience, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender. To best leverage this diverse workforce, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where individuals feel involved, respected, valued and connected and where differences are embraced and Our Charter values are reflected.

Many of our assets focus on creating employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples in our host communities. As part of our efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce, we continue to increase the size of our Indigenous workforce through new and targeted programs.

Read more about leading inclusion and diversity in our 2016 Annual Report (PDF 6.5 MB).

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